67.  The Ancient Rhythm – Song Cycle (5 songs) for Soprano and Piano, Poetry by Fernando Pessoa: “Sleep While I”, “Soon as There are Roses”, “The Ancient Rhythm”, “To Be Great, Be Entire”, and “As She Passes.” Premiered by Leslie Fitzwater (Voice) and Paula Tillen (Piano), performed for 5 weeks, April – May 2000, at the Skylight Theatre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

68.  Cosm 23 Oratorio for Choir, Vocal Soloists, and Orchestra, Text by Cynthia d’Este. Music written 1999-2000. Not yet premiered. See Tom Strini’s article  “Looking to Launch”

69.  Songs of the Portuguese Fields – Song Cycle (4 songs), “Roses of the Gardens of Adonis”, “Solemn over Fertile Country”, “In Broad Daylight Even the Sounds”, and “The Wind at Peace.” Poetry by Fernando Pessoa, premiered by Kelly Fadeski (Voice) and Rhonda Quecian (Piano),  May of 2001

70.  “Breakfast in Africa” Solo for Flute, performed by Marie Sanders, premiered 2001 at Cafe Carp, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

71.  “The Actress” Solo for Piano, premiered fall of 2002 on the radio show, “Hotel Milwaukee”

72.  “Miyako” Solo for Piano, premiered fall of 2002 on the radio show, “Hotel Milwaukee”

73.  “The Sixties in Blue” Solo for Piano, premiered spring of 2002 on the radio show, “Hotel Milwaukee'”

74.  “Nancy’s Door” Solo for Piano, premiered spring of 2002 on the radio show, “Hotel Milwaukee”

75.  “Mobile Eyes” Solo for Piano, premiered November of 2002 on the radio show, “Hotel Milwaukee”

76.  “Mama Jade” Solo for Piano, premiered November of 2002 on the radio show, “Hotel Milwaukee”

77.  9 Musical Baseball Cards, Assorted Ensembles and Vocals, all premiered between 2002 and 2006; includes (1) “Sammy Sosa” (2) “Roberto Clemente” (3) “Rollie Fingers (4) “Jackie Robinson” (5) “Paul Molitor” (6)”Barry Bonds” (7) “Jim Ganter” (8) “Roger Maris” (9) “Satchel Paige”

These next twelve piano pieces were written and premiered in various locations from 1999-2003

78.    “The Miniature Chorale” Solo for Piano

79.     “Daughter Dance” Solo for Piano

80.     “A Song for Penelope” Solo for Piano, performed by Don Stimpert

81.     “The Potter” Solo for Piano

82.     “Lake Eclipse” Solo for Piano

83.     “The Sleeping Cat” Solo for Piano

84.     “Uni-Sun” Solo  for Piano

85.     “The Afternoon Slips By”  for piano

86.    “Alabastard” Solo for Piano

87.     “The Poet” Solo for Piano

88.    “The Kennedy Threnody”

89.   Four Songs of Pessoa – Song Cycle, Poetry by Fernando Pessoa:  ” “The Wind, High”, “Steps Linger”, “Raining”, and “Harvestwoman”. Premiered by Christine Thomas (O’Mealy), Voice, and Milton Peckarsky, Piano, May of 2004.

90.     “Magical Concatenations”,  “A gift of light will turn into sound” Solo for Pipe Organ, premiered at Saint Francis Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Fall of 2003

91.     Towers, Effigies and Spirits Solo for Clarinet, premiered by Chris Zello, Oct 13th, 2004, UW Parkside Union Cinema Theater, Kenosha, Wisconsin

92.    Feeling is Like the Sun – Song Cycle (3 songs), poetry by Fernando Pessoa: “I Know, I Alone”, “I See Boats Moving”, and “Great Mysteries Inhabit.” Premiered by Annie Denison, October 24, 2004, The Miramar Theater

***Sigmund and the Sopranos***
October 24, 2004, Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee
Concert program
Concert article
Review article
Concert poster

93.    “Azure or Green or Purple” Chamber Ensemble/Vocals, poetry by Fernando Pessoa, Scored for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Soprano, Baritone, Piano, Percussion, Mandolin, Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass. Premiered by Present Music,  September 24th, 2005, Bader Concert Hall, UW Milwaukee Zelazo Center
Concert program
Review article

94.     “EveryMan” Incidental Music (Composer performed live on Piano, interacting with actors) Medieval Mystery Play performed at Marquette University Helfaer Theatre October 6-16th, 2005

Compositions 95 – 98 were written and performed as Artist in Residence with the Milwaukee Public Schools, in collaboration with Children Composers from four area grade schools between 2004 and 2007.

95.    “Kidspeak” Premiere, Lake Bluff Elementary School, Shorewood ,WI, Dec 2005

96.     “Rondo a la Kid” Premiere, The Milwaukee Sign Language School,  Thursday, May 4, 2006

97.       “Math, Rhythm, and Building the Blues”,  Harambee Elementary Charter School, 46th and State, Milwaukee,Wisconsin

98.    “Green Eggs and Ham” and  “Wand Exposition” Premiere, Zablocki Elementary School, Spring Semester 2007

99 .    “The Steel Bridge Symphony” Full Orchestra 6 movements (Work in progress). Begun and first performed in 2007

100.    “Three Poems of Susan Firer” Song Cycle Solo for Piano, Synthesizer and Voice, premiere Thursday, Sept 25, 2008 the Milwaukee Public Library Centennial Hall, Milwaukee,WI

101.     “Angelbreath”, “String of Tears”, “Elastic Ecstasy” Ensemble for Harp ,English Horn and Cello,  2009

102.   “December Dreams” piano solo, 2009

103.    Lake Tones, Legends, and Landmarks – Commissioned by the Oconomowoc Chamber Orchestra, premiered in 2010. Seven movements (MIDI realizations):

Concert review: front page | page 2 | page 3

104.     Fourteen additional finished piano sketches for Lake Tones, Legends, and Landmarks :

  • 1. “The Snow on Lake Nashotah”
  • 2. “The Bearwolf”
  • 3 “Lake Voices – Voices of the Lake”
  • 4. “Golden Wedding at Okauchee Lake”
  • 5. “Jumping Carp on a Hot August Day on Pewaukee Lake”
  • 6. “Picnic on Lake Keesus”
  • 7. “Okauchski: Skiing on Okauchee Lake”
  • 8. “Al Capone’s Slots”
  • 9. “Undermids: the Underwater Pyramids of Rock Lake, Wisconsin”
  • 10. “Swimming in North Lake”
  • 11. “Meditation on Holy Hill”
  • 12. “Walking Around Lake Oconomowoc”
  • 13. “Lake Serpent of Rock Lake”
  • 14 “Cane Pole and Bobber Fishing on Golden Lake”

105.    “Twofer” Piano duet for Patricia Monroe and Dan Petry, in progress

106.    Three Ama Songs – Poetry by Ama Merakis: “Tears Are Good For Wounds (What Wisdom?)”, “Mustard Seeds”, and “Ama’s Prayer.” Premiered at the Miramar Theater, summer of 2012.

107.    “Possible Ways” Solo for Piano for Kate Retzlof, 2013

108.    “Schoolyard Quartet”, Commissioned by Present Music. Work in Progress.

109.    “After the Storm”, For Oboe and Piano. Premiered by Denise Goetsch at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, May 2014.