Sigmund Snopek’s career spans six decades. Here is a complete list of his published works:

Original Recordings

Page Records #1109 – “Have You Seen Them Cry”/”Madeline”, 1969 (available as 45)

MGM #14158 – “Gingerbread Man”/”Witch Helen”, 1970
(not available)

LP – MGM #2148 – The Bloomsbury People, 1970
(not available)

LP – Water Street #1001 – Virginia Woolf, 1972
(not available)

LP – Akashic #1002 – Trinity Seaseizesees, 1974
(not available)

LP – Couth Youth #1001 – Nobody to Dream, 1975
(available on CD)

Thinking Out LoudLP – Mountain Railroad #52709 – Thinking Out Loud, 1978

Mountain Railroad #105 – “Kathleen”/”New York Jumpers”, 1979
(available as 45)

LP – Mountain Railroad #52795 – First Band on the Moon, 1980

Mountain Railroad #107 – “If you love me kill yourself”/”Solalex “, 1980
(available as 45)

LP – Mountain Railroad #8004 – Roy Rogers Meets Albert Einstein, 1982

Mountain Railroad – Voodoo Dishes (aka Feeling American)
recorded 1982

Mountain Railroad – Modern Heaven
recorded 1983
never released

LP – Chameleon #20010 – Wisconsinsane, 1986
also released on CD by Cema in 1989

Who's Afraid of Virginia WoolfAll the LP releases by Mountain Railroad were re-released on LP and released on tape by Chameleon in 1986 (this includes 1st Band, Thinking Out Loud, and Roy Rogers)

(LP’s available; tapes not available)

Tape – Beechwood #2511 – Turnaround, 1993
(available on CD as Elephant)

CD – Music is Intelligence #042 (Germany) – Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1994
(Re-issue of Virginia Woolf with extra tracks recordings from the same period plus a version of “Orange-Blue” recorded in 1987
(MP3 available for download:
El Ciudad)

CD – Music for Pipe Organ
Recorded 1995

CD – One Way Records #30650 – Thinking Out Loud, 1996
Re-issue of LP on CD with extra tracks
(MP3 available for download:
Hamburger Holocaust)

nobody to dreamCD – Music is Intelligence #074 (Germany) – Nobody to Dream, 1997
Newly recorded version of this work, including string quartet
(MP3 available for download:
Black Horse)
(available CD)

CD – Charm School #004 – Beer, 1998
(MP3 available for download: Fug A Muskie

CD – (2-disc set) – Trinity Seaseizesees
Recorded 1997-1999, plus original tracks from 1973

CD – Jade
Recorded 2003

CD Bloomsbury People
Recorded 1969, remastered in 2003 and released on CD

CD – Elephant

CD – Voodoo Dishes

Compilation CDs

Chameleon Records – Ear Candy, 1985
“The Rose of Wisconsin”

Chameleon Records – Lizard Tales, 1990
“Stranger than Life”

A celebration of music made in Waukesha 1993
“Melody for Missing People” for flute choir
(available from the Waukesha Training Center)

Linneman’s Milwaukee Sampler, 1999

Spirit Tone Records – instrumental CD featuring Wisconsin artists
“Mont Valerien”

Guest Artist Appearances

Water Street Records – Stuffy and his Frozen Parachute Band (artist and album title,) 1972
Keyboards and String Arrangements

Akashic Records – Jim Spencer – 2nd Look, 1974
Piano, Flute, Synthesizer, Organ and Strings

A Major Label – Major – Arcana, 1976
Electric Piano, Synthesizer and Flute

Mountain Railroad Records – Tom PaxtonUp and Up, 1979
Synthesizer and Vocoder

Mountain Railroad Records – Betsy Kaske – Last Night in Town, 1979
Keyboards and Flute

Mountain Railroad Records – Lou and Peter Berryman
Cupid’s Trash Truck, 1981
Piano and Synthesizer

Inner City Records – JavaLife’s a Beach, 1983

Epicenter Records – Bad BoyElectric Eyes, 1984

Slash – Violent FemmesThe Blind Leading the Naked, 1986
Keyboards and String Arrangement on “World Without Mercy”

SST Records – Brian Ritchie – The Blend, 1987
Hunting Horn and Flumpet

Hopewell Records – John KruthMidnight Snack, 1987
Piano, Synthesizer and Backup Vocals

SST Records – Brian Ritchie – Nuclear War (12″ 45), 1987
Hunting Horn and Flumpet

Dali Records – Ecoteur Decorated Life, 1988
Keyboards and Flute

Slash – Violent Femmes3, 1988

Dali Records – Brian Ritchie – I See A Noise, 1990

Slash-records-Violent Femmes-Debacle, 1990

Liberation Records (Australia) – Violent FemmesWhy Do Birds Sing (box set), 1991
Piano and Trombone

Liberation Records (Australia) – Violent FemmesDebacle: The First Decade, 1991

Liberation Records (Australia) – Violent FemmesRock!!!!! , 1993

Spit in Your Face Records – John Kruth – Midnight Snack (CD release), 1994
Piano, Synthesizer and Backup Vocals

Frozen Sky Records – Jack Grassel Thunder Stones, 1994

Weasel Disc Records – John KruthThe Cherry Electric, 1995

Hartland Records – Erin BerghouseDeception, 1998

Beyond Records – Violent FemmesViva Wisconsin, 1999
Flute, Native Flute, Hunting Horn, Bass Clarinet, Oboe and Piano

Byron WiemannMarijuana Stereo
Guest Songwriter

Heidi SpencerMatches and Valentines
Piano and Native Flute

Heidi SpencerThe Luck We Made

Amy Rohan-Jar Full of Pennies, 1998
Cello Arrangement

Impressions-Country Christmas, 1998

Steve MackayEn Voyage, 2000
Keyboards and Machines

Violent FemmesArchive Series No.2 Live in Chicago -Q101, April 22, 2000
Piano and Flute

Byron WiemannSafe in Africa, 2003
“Feeling American,” “Heavy Enough,” “Strange Satellite”
Guest Songwriter

Mambo SurfersTwelve Tales From
Flute and Keyboards

Chicory Moon Records – Meaghan OwensGun Shy of a Kiss
String arrangement, Horn Arrangement,Piano, Vsc3 Synthesizer,Vox Continental Organ

Crustacean Records- John KruthEva Destruction
Bass Clarinet

Steel Bridge Songs, 2007
Guest Musician

Paul DiedrichOne More Dollar for the Guitar Man, 2012

Guest Compilations

WIBA FM – Backtracks, 1980
“Wild Women” (Betsy Kaske)

London Records – Live at the Lyceum (London), 1985
“Faith” (Violent Femmes)

Mountain Railroad/Chameleon Records – Folked Again, 1987
“Cross Country Waltz” (Betsy Kaske)
Keyboards and Flute

Camp Heartland – One Big Heart, 1998
Keyboards and String Arrangement

North Sound – Country Christmas, 1998


Amy RohanJar Full of Pennies, 1997-98
Engineer, Producer, String Arrangement

Charm School Records – Mambo SurfersTwelve Tales From 1999
Engineer, Producer, Keyboards, Flute

Chicory Moon Records – Meaghan OwensGun Shy of a Kiss, 2010
Co-producer, Engineer, Keyboards, Melotron, Putney Vsc3, String and Brass Arrangements

Laurie Kern – Rose on Fire, 2012
Engineer, Producer, Keyboards, Woodwinds

Michael WoodsBurning Trees, 2013
Associate Producer, Flute and Keyboards

Harper RoseDreams, 2014
Producer, Flute and Keyboards, Arranger, Co-Songwriter

Video Appearances

London Records – Violent Femmes – No, Let’s Start Over, 1985
Full Length Video Filmed Live at the Lyceum in London

Warner Brothers – Violent Femmes –Children of the Revolution, 1986

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