Sigmund Snopek has been a dominant figure on the international musical scene since the late 1960s. Whether exercising his prodigious skills as composer, solo performer, bandleader, multi-instrument sideman or orchestrator, Snopek continues to share his creative spark with audiences across the country.

Snopek music is rich and lyrical, drawing from four decades of professional expertise in most major American musical styles. His catalog boasts over 300 original songs, ranging from top 40 through progressive rock to jazz.

As a classical composer, he has written symphonies, operas, ensemble compositions and song cycles. Many of his major works have been showcased by the major cultural organizations in Milwaukee, including the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Theatre X, Summerfest, Irish Fest and Present Music.

Through the years, Snopek has led diverse rock bands, including the Bloomsbury People and the popular band “Snopek.” He has successfully balanced a demanding performance schedule with his career as composer.

Playing for live audiences has been a major factor in his ability to continue write and adapt music that is as appealing in the year 2000 as it was in 1970. A typical performance features Snopek playing flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and various horns in addition to his signature vocal and keyboard solos. His instrumental versatility has put him in high demand as a sideman for other performers.

He has traveled internationally with the Violent Femmes, and been featured on recordings by many well-known artists including the Femmes, Tom Paxton, and many more.

Whether classical or rock, jazz or commercial, Snopek music is characterized by a strong melodic element that provides the basis to audience enjoyment. Each composition is distinct and memorable.

The inherent complexity of his music, which becomes apparent through repeated listening, provides lasting audience enjoyment.

Snopek fans are fans for life. This web site celebrates the continuing musical legacy of Sigmund Snopek. We invite you to join that celebration.

What the critics are saying about Sigmund Snopek III as a Performer

“The Femmes – joined for much of the show by the Horns of Dilemma, featuring reed man and keyboardist Sigmund Snopek – are a far tighter act than in years past.”
— Rolling Stone

Review of The Violent Femmes/The Pogues/Mojo Nixon/Skid Roper at Poplar Creek Music Theater, Hoffman Estate, IL:

“Eclectic music with broad appeal.”
— Musician magazine

“Keyboardist delivers with zany panache.”
— Billboard

Review of Wisconsinsane:

Snopek’s one-man show is amazing in its use of technology; if you closed your eyes, you’d swear you were listening to a stage full of musicians…Classically influenced, Snopek’s inventive keyboards are also captured on the latest Violent Femmes recording.”
— Milwaukee Journal

“Snopek’s music is universal.”
— Illinois Entertainer

“Liltingly lunatic musical experience.”
— Rockpool

“Multi-instrumentalist Sigmund Snopek III on keyboards, oboe and flute gave the Violent Femmes even more to meddle with, paying off consistently throughout the night. Refreshingly spontaneous…a real treat…a feast of Femmes and Snopek.”
— Melody Maker (New Zealand)

“Opening for the Violent Femmes, techno-whiz Sigmund Snopek got across with his battery of keyboards and a sense of humor.”
— Green Bay Gazette (Green Bay, WI)

“With an unmatched talent on the keyboards and a sense of humor shining through, Snopek bedazzled the crowd.”
— Waukesha Freeman (Waukesha, WI)

“Rated #9 of 10 Best Albums of the Year”
— New Times (Phoenix, AZ)

What the critics are saying about Sigmund Snopek III as a Composer

Review of LOVE SONGS, a song cycle scored for chamber ensemble, premiered in February, 1994, with the internationally-acclaimed Present Music at the Milwaukee Museum of Art:

“…a pleasure dome of sound. Snopek’s colors and gestures are shimmering…think of a post-modern “Scheherezade” and you’ll get the idiom.”
— The Milwaukee Journal

Review of DESERT SONGS, 12 settings of short, inspired texts featured as part of the Composers Festival concert, April, 1985, Fine Arts Music Hall, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee:

“…marvels of declamation, economy, invention and musical daring. Soprano Marlee Sabo sent Snopek’s tricky ornaments shooting through the hall like skyrockets.”
— The Milwaukee Journal

Review of PALE SUN, a song cycle highlighted as the featured work by the Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra at their season-opening concert, October, 1995, at Milwaukee’s landmark Pabst Theater:

“These sensual poems left the audience cheering…Snopek’s passionate tone painting is invigorating precisely because he joyfully embraces music’s essential communicative features – uncompromised tonality, straightforward melody, lively rhythms and clear-cut form…”
Milwaukee Magazine

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