The 90’s

47. “Calmness of the Heart” solo prepared piano, Nov. 16 and 17, 1990, Walker Center for the Arts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; also performed July 30, 1990, at UWM Recital Hall for the MYSO Summer music workshop

48. Concerto for Myself” for bass clarinet, flute, bells and midi keyboards, Nov. 16 and 17, 1990, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

49. “For the Cherub Cat is the Term of the Angel Tiger” for pipe organ July 23-28, 1990, for the Organ Historical Society National Convention held that year in Southeastern Wisconsin

50. “The Sirens Fugue for string quartet, vocal quartet, midi synthesizers, hand bells, accordion, flute and penny whistles. Premiered at Irishfest August 9-11, 1991, a setting of Joyce’s Ulysses (the 11th chapter) as a double Fugue
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51. “Festival Worlds” 10 movements for 15 musicians {Symphony No. 5} June 29th 1992, performed 5 times during the run of Summerfest 1992 to commemorate Summerfest’s 25th anniversary

52. “Melodies from Tomorrow” seven pieces for solo piano with optional singing, Dec. 1992, Walker Center for the Arts

53. A Rock in the Wicklow Mountains an on going flute solo and performance piece including yearly performances in downtown Milwaukee St. Patrick’s day festival, written in Ireland, 1st performance Dec. 1992, Walker Center for the Arts 

54. “Foghorns Call Lowly on Ambivalent Seas”, “Sidereal Storm”, “Tacit Rainbow” for pipe organ, Feb 7th, 1993, the Unitarian Universalist church of Urbana, Illinois

55. “Melody for Missing People” for flute choir, Myso Symphony (Sponsor) May 16th,1993, Homestead High School, conducted by Carol Meves; also performed in 1994 at the National Flute Association Convention, Kansas City, Missouri Aug. 18 – 21, 1994

56. “Love Poems of the Women D’este” (part of “Angel Cycles”) for five musicians and mezzo soprano Fri. Feb. 11th , 1994 by Present music

Cynthia D’este

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57. “Pieces of the Sky” 30 pieces for flute and voice (mezzo soprano) each piece corresponds to a particular cloud formation, 1st performance March 5th, 1995

58. “Trocaire” an Irish one hour opera sung in English, Irish, and Somalian, set for choir, seven principles, Irish folk band, (two fiddles, Bohdran, guitar, accordion) 5 classical musicians: violin, flute, cello, percussion midi instruments, 5,000 years of Irish History in 3 miniature acts, premiered August 18, 19, 20 at Irishfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1995

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 59. “The Pale Sun” song cycle for chamber orchestra and tenor, and alto (part of the “Angel Cycles”), premiered by the Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra, Oct. 11th, 1995, at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

60. “The Line” 2 hours of continuous incidental music for Theatre X play about the Patrick Cudahy Strike, premiered Jan., Feb. 1996

61. “Short Poems, Thoughts, and Messages for Chorus” (SATB), premiered Jan. 17th, 1997, WCDA Convention, Appleton, Wisconsin

62. “8 Night Times”  “Miasma Fragments” Solo for Pipe Organ, performed November, 1997, by David Bohn at University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

63.    “Trocaire” Opera, expanded and rewritten version performed March 1998, with original cast augmented by Leslie Fitzwater and Sharon Hansen’s UWM Concert Chorale, performed at the Shamrock Club’s venue, Downtown Milwaukee, WI
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64.   “One” Solo for Piano performed by David Bohn, Feb. 10th, 1998, at State University of Illinois, Normal, Illinois

65.  “There’s a Monster in my Shoe” Instrumental for Cello and Piano, premiered summer of 1998 by Paul Gmeinder at the Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

66.  “The World is a Tilted Place” Song Cycle (4 songs) for Cello, Piano and Voice, Poetry by Cynthia d’Este, performed by Scott Tisdale , Leslie Fitzwater, and Snopek on “Hotel Milwaukee” radio show in the fall of 1998