OZY.com Interview

Following the WAMI show, Sigmund was contacted by OZY.com for an interview.  Here is the result.


Through the 1980s and ’90s, Milwaukee-based Sigmund Snopek III (yes, that’s his real name) came to be known primarily as a sideman, playing keyboards, flute, horns and sax for fellow Milwaukeeans the Violent Femmes. But long before the Femmes were formed, Snopek had already established himself as a legendary figure in the Beertown music scene and a quietly influential composer among international musicians. That his name is not more widely recognized may be blamed on the fact that he’s been cursed to work at least 10 years ahead of his time. Snopek’s wild range of styles and musical experimentation have earned him comparisons with the likes of Zappa and Sun Ra but, y’know, different.

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