My Science Fiction Autobiography

Blast off with Sigmund Snopek and friends for a space age adventure of a lifetime!

My Science Fiction Autobiography
by Russell Snopek
(Sig’s cousin)

As is evident from Sigmund’s frequent use of science fiction themes, the influence of the 1950s speculative science and the 1960s space race contributed much to his formative years.

My Science Fiction AutobigraphyRussell Snopek, Sigmund’s first cousin, has authored a retro Sci-Fi adventure entitled My Science Fiction Autobiography, which chronicles the space age aspirations of Sigmund, Russell, and their teenage friends. The novel begins in 1966 with their founding of the Astropolitan Rocket Club. In a serendipitous accident, Russell returns to the past from a clandestine mission in the future, then takes his younger self forward in time to explore the outer space empire Sigmund and the others have created. It’s even more than they imagined, yet in some ways, profoundly different from the future they envisioned as kids.

Don’t miss this fascinating, space-time odyssey.


You can pick up a copy at any Snopek show or purchase online at Amazon.